Why Choose Us?

Since 1925, the Heather & Little team has worked hard to earn the reputation of being industry leaders in custom roofing and custom sheet metal projects. Our long history of successful custom projects spans over 90 years, during which time we have proudly restored and replaced historic sheet metal elements on many of North America’s finest and most significant buildings. We have had the privilege of working on many different types of properties, including government buildings, religious buildings, heritage homes, industrial and commercial properties and more.


Heather & Little’s Services

Our craftsmen’s high level of skills allow us to offer a variety of custom metal fabrication services to our clients according to their specific requirements. We bring a number of unique sheet metal restoration and reproduction services to any project, including sheet lead and cladding capabilities, slate roofing, cedar roofing, statuary restoration, and much more.

Heather & Little’s range of custom sheet metal roofing, sheet metal fabrications, plus a complete line of roofing services.

More services include but are not limited to:

  • Decorative sheet metal shingles
  • Metal Spanish tiles
  • Pressed /stamped decorative sheet metal
  • Cupolas, steeples, domes
  • Kalamein windows and doors
  • Statuary and statue restoration
  • Finials, and balustrades
  • Sheet metal cornices
  • Crimped copper sheets
  • Corrugated galvanized sheet metal

And much more!

Custom Residential Services

If you require slate roofing, cedar roofing, or a custom sheet metal roof for your property, Heather & Little has earned a reputation for providing our clients with high quality roofing and architectural sheet metal work with outstanding customer service.

 Our Shop

Dave Spear, Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialists Heather & Little Canada
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Heather & Little, Markham Canada Workshop
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 Our Team

Michael (Mike) Papania

Vice President

Mike began his career with H&L in 1979 when he started his sheet metal apprenticeship, later taking on the duties of a sheet metal  journeyman, and recently assumed the position of V.P. in October 2017. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge with hands-on trade, project management, and administrative experience.

Marc Jamieson, Heather & Little Canada Vice President, Sales & Estimating

Marc Jamieson

Vice President, Sales & Estimating

Marc has been in the roofing and architectural sheet metal industry for close to 30 years. He joined the family’s roofing business as a summer job and stayed for 20 years. Then he ran his own business for 9 years  providing industrial and commercial roofing, and sheet metal contracting services. Marc joined our team in 2013, with deep skills and experience focusing on sales and marketing, estimating, and project management.

Cindy Lee

Finance/Office Manager

Cindy joined Heather & Little in June 2017 assuming the role of the company’s finance and office manager.

Zane Elliott

Sales & Estimating

Zane joined Heather & Little’s Estimating and Sales team in 2015. He is also working towards an Advanced Diploma in Energy Systems Engineering Technology. Many of our North American customers have commented about his positive attitude and enthusiasm.

Dave Spear, Heather & Little Shop Foreman

Dave Spear

Shop Foreman

After serving his apprenticeship with another firm Dave joined Heather & Little in 1989 as a sheet metal mechanic. In a very short time his ability and shop skills were recognized as he took on more and more complicated projects, at times working only with old photographs to recreate decorative ornamental reproductions. When the position for shop foreman came up it was decided that Dave was a natural for the position and has been doing an excellent job over 10-years now.


Steve Larouche

Ottawa District Manager

“Steve joined the H and L team in 2016 after serving as a Project Manager for another firm for period 8 years.  He has worked on several high profile construction projects in the Ottawa area and has specific experience in working on Heritage designated buildings. Steve has education in Construction Project Management and is in the process of obtaining several industry related certifications. He has experience in the management of projects as a general contractor as well as a sub-contractor on institutional, government and privately funded construction projects of all sizes. Steve has also been named as a collaborator for one heritage conservation award of merit and one award of excellence by the City of Ottawa on two of his past projects.”

Brian Marshall

Project Manager

Brian began his career at Heather & Little in 2006 as a sheet metal apprentice. Once his training was completed he obtained his sheet metal journeyman’s licence. He took on the position of Projects Manager for H&L at our Ottawa branch in the spring of 2017 Another long–term employee of Heather & Little, Brian is one of many, superior qualified journeymen, and responsible for the on-going training of our young apprentices and mechanics.


Lorna Edwards, Heather & Little, Accounts Payable & Payroll Specialist

Lorna Edwards

Accounts Payable & Payroll Specialist

After completing her business course at the Toronto School of Business Lorna began her working career at a neighbouring retail company located next to Heather & Little’s original office location. Over the course of a few years we got to know each other and when a position became available we asked if she would like to join us. Lorna has been with Heather & Little since 2004 and performs a number of duties relating to the day-to-day office operations.

Dirk Loebens

Projects Manager

Dirk joined Heather & Little in 2016


Association for Preservation Technology International (APT)

National Trust for Canada

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

Sealant Waterproofing & Restoration Institute

National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Heritage Toronto

Toronto Construction Association (TCA)

Ottawa Construction Association (OCA)

Building Artisans Guild

Construction Specifications Canada

Ontario Sheet Metal Contractors Association (OSM)