Sheet Metal Shingles

Heather & Little offers a range of options when it comes to sheet metal shingles. Metal roofing shingles have been a premiere choice for buildings across North America since the early 1900s, offering a fireproof, light and highly durable alternative to traditional shingles. Whether you require metal shingles for a new building, or to replace your current roofing system, we will work with you to find the best option. We can reproduce any design to match your existing sheet metal shingles, or decorative stamping, no matter how complex.

Sheet Metal Shingles

Many historically significant properties have made use of sheet metal roof shingles as part of their building’s unique design, and today’s restoration professionals are looking for effective ways to repair and maintain this historic roofing material. Metal roof shingles are commonly found on many government buildings, from courthouses to city halls, and will last for decades with little or no maintenance.

We can you choose the best type of metal roofing shingles for your commercial or residential property, whether you are looking to match an existing roofing system or replace your current roof. We fabricate sheet metal roof shingles in a variety of sizes using nearly any sheet metal, including copper, steel, stainless steel and zinc. We also produce stamped metal shingles in a wide range of decorative styles to help you achieve a unique, eye-catching aesthetic for your roofing system.
Have a look through our gallery of reproductions and get in touch with Heather & Little today to learn more about our sheet metal roof shingle services. Contact us online, or give us a call to find out how we can become part of your roof tile custom design, restoration or installation project.


sheet metal shingles dundurn cockpit theatre hamilton ontario
spire peak st raphael
sheet metal roof tiles
victorian tile

N1Victorian Shingle

prince george sheet metal tile

N2Prince George

enora sheet metalroof tiles

N3Kenora Shingle

arrowhead metal tile

N4Small Arrowhead

cobra sheet metal tile


crows-foot or apex sheet metal tile

N6Crow's Foot

nurnberg or large wishbone sheet metaltile

N7Large Wishbone

phoenix diamond sheet metal tile

N8Phoenix Diamond

quebec or bell ribbed sheet metal tile

N9Bell-Ribbed Shingle


N10Spade Shingle

small diamond sheet metal shingle

N11Ribbed Diamond

ribbed sheet metal shingle



N14Small Victorian

N15Small Triple Ribbed

diamond sheet metal shingle

N16Diamond Spade