Decorative Sheet Metal Fabrication

Ornamental decorative sheet metal has been a way to add aesthetic appeal to buildings of all types for hundreds of years. From the churches in the 1700’s to modern hospitals and universities, sheet metal fabrication has been the choice for adding decorative appeal to significant buildings and historic properties. Sheet metal ornaments and decorative elements are not only appreciated for their beauty, but also their durability and longevity.

Heather & Little have constantly surpassed the expectations of our customers by producing a range of custom decorative sheet metal for clients throughout North America. There is no limit to the variety of decorative sheet metal ornaments we can produce, be it an original piece, inspired by other works, or a replication of a historic feature from a photograph. These items may include pieces such as:

  • Monumental statues
  • Statue restoration
  • Decorative roof finials
  • Domes, steeples, and cupolas
  • Decorative urns, metal balustrades and sheet metal crestings.

Depending on the specifications of your project, we are able to utilize a variety of different metals for the final design. Many historical buildings like churches and government offices use copper in their restorations and replacements to keep with historical design choices; modern buildings may choose stainless steel, aluminum and even zinc to create custom ornamental pieces. Whatever the metal you prefer, we will create a beautiful and durable ornamental item that will withstand the test of time and Mother Nature.

If you’re looking for custom sheet metal elements for a historic or significant property, rely on Heather & Little as your sheet metal fabrication professionals. Our team will help ensure the proper design of your ornamental elements, and ensure that all decorative features are handcrafted to the highest standards. Contact us for more information regarding your next project. Browse our projects gallery to view a sample of the restoration and sheet metal fabrication projects we have completed over the years.


ornamental decorative copper trim
ornamental decorative finial
onondaga copper dome cupola ornamental decorative projects
ornamental decorative balastrade detail parliament
ornamental decorative ontario legislature copper scrolls
ornamental decorative leader head
ornamental decorative copper detail
ornamental decorative nyc city hall copper


N1Library of Congress, Washington DC

Replication of pressed ornamental copper stampings, decorative sheet metal elements for the dome, lantern, and “Flame of Knowledge” finial. Using new sheet metal copper and a combination of traditional techniques, our craftsmen carefully reproduced the ornamental features for the copper dome. Cornice bands, copper shells, copper antifixes, copper capitals, copper cresting.


N25th Avenue, New York City

This Manhattan penthouse apartment, this dome and cupola restoration included pressed cornice, copper dormer ornaments, copper shields, copper capitals, stamped copper elements, sheet metal garlands, copper wreaths ornaments. Once completed all the copper work was painted with the exception of the copper dormers and copper dome roofing.


N3Montreal City Hall, Quebec

H&L fabricated and supplied decorative finishing elements for the copper mansard roof and bell tower included 20, 24- and 32-ounce sheet copper. Our team reproduced other decorative roof features including roof finials, copper urns, and copper balustrades. Each of these pieces was carefully replicated using the original copper elements from the building.


N4Ogilvy Building, Ottawa

A drawing of the medallion was produced by architects from old black and white photos of the 1907 building. The 20-ounce sheet metal copper medallion was hand-sculpted using different elements for the die casting and pressing for the copper. It is approximately nine feet tall; and painted before mounting on the building's exterior corner.