Metal Roof Tiles, Shingles & Custom Sheet Metal Wall Panels

Heather & Little offers clients the best quality and customizability when it comes to sheet metal roof shingles and tiles. Sheet metal roof tiles or shingles have long been a top choice for long lasting roofing options, especially on historic and heritage properties. If you are looking to replace sheet metal roof shingles or sheet metal wall panels on an existing historic property, refurbish an entire roof, or have your own custom metal tile design installed on a new building project, we have a range of sheet metal shingles and tile options to help you achieve the look you want.

Our Sheet Metal Roof Tiles Options

We can fabricate sheet metal roof tiles or shingles using a variety of materials, including stainless steel, zinc, copper and more. Depending on the roofing system and style of your existing roof, our metal roofing professionals can help you determine which material is best suited to the overall style of your property and your requirements for weatherability and longevity.

All of our sheet metal roof shingles are hand crafted and stamped with the design of your choice, and can be matched to your current roof, or customized to fit your unique design choices. If you are hoping to achieve an exact reproduction of the existing metal roof tiles on a significant building or home, our craftsmen have the years of experience and skill necessary to replicate any style using traditional materials along with modern metal tile and wall panel fabrication techniques.

The team at Heather & Little has been setting industry standards for metal roofing, architectural sheet metal and more for over 90 years. We have been the first choice for many historical and government building restorations across North America, which means you may already be familiar with our work. To learn more about our metal roof shingles and tiles or to speak with a member of our team about your custom project, contact us today.

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