Unique Projects – Custom Sheet Metal

Since 1925, we have had the opportunity to complete a number of unique sheet metal fabrication projects for notable companies, significant buildings, and historic monuments throughout North America. These projects often involve a number of custom sheet metal materials and techniques to create one of a kind works that will be enjoyed for years to come.

We are proud to be the sheet metal fabricator of choice for organizations who have unique requirements for original statuary, monument repair and more. Heather & Little is well known for our flexibility and ability to create nearly any type of custom sheet metal piece you can imagine. If your project requires work in multiple types of sheet metal, makes use of a variety of metalworking techniques, or involves hand sculpting, our professionals can create your custom project!

We Use Traditional and Modern Techniques

Our team uses a combination of traditional and modern techniques and equipment to always be on the cutting edge of sheet metal fabrication innovation. There is virtually no sheet metal project that we cannot create! If you have a concept or design for a unique decorative metal ornament, statue, or sculpture, our artisans would be happy to work with you to make your idea become reality.

These projects are some samples of the high quality, unique projects our team has completed. Contact us today to learn more about our sheet metal fabrication capabilities to see what type of projects we can help you achieve.


opera house unique
custom copper cladding unique
clock tower unique
lead coated copper window unique


N1Avro CF100, Canadian Fighter Jet

Used during the Cold War, the CF-100 was an interceptor bomber. We restored the exterior of one vintage aircraft, the acidity of the bird droppings accelerating the deterioration of the aircraft’s aluminum cladding from the inside out. All damaged elements of the aluminum metal cladding were replaced with new sheet aluminum.


N2Creemore Springs Brewery

Creemore Springs’ original brew kettle was shipped to our workroom where it was restored to its beautiful and bright copper appearance. We installed a custom-designed video monitor mount to attach a video display to the kettle in a retail outlet.


N3World Peace Monument, Toronto

We were commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind metal statue. Work on this sculpture began by creating a spherical brass tube frame that would support the exterior of the globe, one-inch diameter bronze tubing was used to form a solid support for the copper skin that would be placed atop of it.