Lady Justice Statue Restoration-Navarro County Courthouse, TX

The Navarro County Courthouse in Corsicana, Texas is a beautiful historic building originally constructed in the early 1900s. In the 1940s, it was found that the copper Lady of Justice statue atop the courthouse was in need of repair. It was then removed to be restored, and never seen again. Without this original Themis, the community felt that a large piece of the court house’s history was missing.

With the goal of restoring the courthouse to be used for its original purpose, major restoration work began on not only the statue, but the rest of the building as well.

Statue Repair & Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication Project

Heather & Little partnered with Phoenix 1 Restoration of Farmers Branch Texas in collaboration with the Texas Historical Commission and ARCHITEXAS the preservation-based architecture firm to restore the building and its unique statuary to their original state.

Our team has successfully restored and reproduced Lady of Justice sheet metal statues for courthouses throughout the United States, and for this project, we were able to replicate the original statue using existing statue dies from previous Texas court house projects. With the Texas Historical Commission, our artisans carefully studied archival photos to make alterations to the statue’s head, scale arm and hair to more accurately capture the original statue.

We also performed restoration work on the copper crown cresting located at the top of this historic building’s major dome in 24-ounce sheet copper to fabricate these decorative elements and complete the restoration of the court house.

To learn more about this copper statue restoration project, browse the photos below, or watch our video.

Lady of Justice returns to Texas


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lady justice navarro county texas
copper lady justice navarro county texas
lady justice navarro county texas in progress