Sculpture & Statue Restoration & Repousse

Heather & Little’s skilled artisans have participated in the reproduction and restoration of a wide range of notable copper and zinc sheet metal statues and sculptures across North America. Our work has been prominently featured on many significant properties such as state buildings, court houses historic landmarks and more.

With over 90 years of experience, our professional statue restoration team has restored and re-created existing statuary for our clients. Whether we are repairing an existing copper metal sculpture, or reproducing a zinc of copper statue from an existing work, photograph, drawing or a completely new and original design, Heather & Little can make use of traditional materials and techniques to create an incredibly beautiful metal statue to meet your requirements.

Our Sheet Metal Statuary Work

Restoring and creating sheet zinc and copper sculptures can be incredibly complex, requiring years of hands-on experience and the knowledge of skilled craftsmen. The production of metal statuary involves a structural armature which is then covered with hand-formed copper sheets. These sheets are created by hammering the copper into or against forms using a technique that is referred to as repose or repousse.

At Heather & Little, you can trust our professionals to carefully restore or reproduce your statuary with the highest attention to detail and with the utmost respect to the original art we are working with. From the removal and transportation of your metal statue to its impeccable restoration and finally its safe return, we’ll handle all aspects of your statue restoration project with care.

For further information about our sheet metal statue re-creation or restoration services, or to learn more about the repousse technique we use to create beautiful statuary, get in touch with a member of the Heather & Little team today.


lady justice face
trumble warren ohio lady justice sheet metal statuary
trumble warren ohio lady justice on crane sheet metal statuary
lady justice sheet metal statuary
lady justice sheet metal statuary


N1Lady of Justice, Navarro County Court House, TX

Using 24-ounce sheet copper and traditional repousse techniques, a new statue was made to stand in place of the missing one. We reconstructed this Lady of Justice using only archival photographs. Watch the time-lapse video.


N2Lady Justice, Milam County Court House, TX

This statue is very similar to the Statue of Liberty. Because the original statue could not be located, our craftsmen carefully reproduced the Goddess of Justice from drawings and old photographs.


N3Lady Justice, Edgar County Court House, IL

Before work can begin on any statue restoration project, it must be carefully removed from atop the building, transported to our workshop where the restoration can be performed. We reproduced all missing and damaged parts, then the statue was crated and returned to sit atop the court house dome.


N4Miss Freedom, Georgia State Capitol Building

To “fly” Miss Freedom off her perch by helicopter required extensive planning. Once removed, and landed on the ground a crane was used to set her on a flatbed to be transported to our workshop for restoration. She was airlifted by helicopter back to her post at the Georgia State Capitol.