Stamped & Pressed Sheet Metal Fabrication

As an industry leader in stamped sheet metal fabrication, Heather & Little is pleased to bring our customers a wide range of pressed sheet metal and decorative stamped metal services. We have an extensive inventory of decorative sheet metal stampings that we have produced over the years for our custom projects throughout North America. Choose from our existing dies, or opt for a custom replication or original stamping to achieve the ideal aesthetic for your building project.

Our craftsmen can create short or long runs of your pressed sheet metal design using any type of sheet metal material you require, including copper, lead coated copper, zinc, bronze, and much more. Simply let us know your stamped metal needs, and we can help you select the ideal solution to restore or replace the sheet metal ornamentation that makes your significant building distinctive.

Heather & Little’s Decorative Stamped Sheet Metal Work

The professional pressed sheet metal artisans at Heather & Little have extensive experience in reproducing and restoring the exact profiles of architectural stamped sheet metal elements for hundreds of buildings across the continent. Our incredible attention to detail, along with our use of traditional fabrication techniques and historic materials allows us to accurately replicate the unique stamped metal features of historical buildings.

Browse our completed stamped metal projects below. To learn more about our pressed sheet metal projects, or to inquire about your own decorative stamped sheet metal requirements, please contact Heather & Little today!


copper garlands pressed stamped sheet metal
capital pressed stamped sheet metal
pressed stamped sheet metal
stamped decorative zinc pressed stamped sheet metal
copper marquee pressed stamped sheet metal yonge street
pressed stamped sheet metal
pressed sheet metal ornamental decorative projects


N1Langevin Building

The entire mansard roof area on four elevations was restored using 20-ounce copper sheets. The restoration of decorative ornaments included stamped sheet metal roof crestings, finials, cartouche, cornices and decorative copper hip covers.


N2Onondaga Court House, Syracuse, NY

This was a large scale restoration project where we reproduced all of the decorative sheet metal components in copper which included the cupola, major dome, decorative roof finials, four minor copper domes, copper cartouches, and curved copper batten caps for the dome roofing.


N3Montreal City Hall, Quebec

To accurately reproduce each decorative copper element, we created new stamping dies for the garlands, cornice elements, and shields. Both 20- and 24-ounce copper sheets were used for this task, depending on the requirements of each ornament.