Historical Kalamein Windows & Kalamein Doors

We are proud to specialize in metal clad historical windows (often referred to as kalamein windows), as well as metal clad doors and metal covered wood trims in any style of decorative wood molding or even custom profiles. Heather & Little works will all types of historic metals for our metal clad projects, including copper, bronze, zinc, stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Much of our metal clad doors and windows work can be found on commercial storefronts, entryways and building facades. Whether your restoration project involves double hung windows, exterior doors, hollow metal windows, transoms, dormer windows or nearly any other type of metal clad window or door, we can re-create or restore the unique features of your commercial building or significant property.

Our Metal Clad (Kalamein) Windows & Doors Services

Heather & Little is experienced in all aspects of fabrication of metal clad historical windows and doors. When you choose to work with our team, you will benefit from our 90 plus years of architectural sheet metal experience and commitment to creating the best possible end result for our clients. We can work with your architect, designer, or contractor from the start to fabricating your kalamein windows or doors to restore and preserve the beauty of your historic building.

Our skilled artisans will produce your custom metal clad windows and doors to match your existing windows, or can work from drawings, photographs or an original design to help you achieve your desired result. Making use of traditional techniques and materials to craft your custom doors and windows, we can produce historically accurate reproductions that blend seamlessly with a building’s existing features.

If you are interested in hearing more about our kalamein windows and doors, contact Heather & Little today. Browse our completed work below, or call us to discuss how our team can be part of your next historical windows and doors restoration project.


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N1Shaw Media, Ottawa

The main conference room has a grand entrance like no other; it features kalamein doors made of 20-ounce sheet copper. Our artisans crafted custom-sized doors with a handmade patina finish. As with many projects, we were approached to be part of the design, not just fabrication process.


N221 Dundas Square, Toronto

This was a challenging project for our team, as the only reference we had to the original doors was a vague, one sheet historical drawing with very little detail. The eight bronze doors with transoms use architectural bronze material called Muntz metal.


N3Investment Building, D.C.

Our craftsmen created more than 70 new kalamein windows featuring a wood core clad in 16-ounce sheet copper. The cornice detail includes intricate stampings adorning the window frames.