Sheet Metal Domes, Roofs, Custom Cupolas & Church Steeples

Heather & Little offers a range of restoration and sheet metal reproduction services for dome roofs, church steeples and cupolas across North America. Whether a historically significant building needs rehabilitation or the complete replacement of a decorative roof structure, or if you would like to create custom architectural features for a brand new building, our professionals can work alongside you from your initial design to fabrication and beyond.

Our historic sheet metal domes, cupolas and steeples make use of historically accurate sheet metal materials such as copper, stainless steel and zinc to achieve a traditional look. The Heather & Little team can also perform any repairs or replication of any stamped sheet metal elements, ornamental accents and other decorative metal features to seamlessly blend the restored dome, cupola or steeple with the rest of the structure.

Heather & Little’s Metal Dome Roof, Cupola & Steeple Work

Since 1925, the skilled sheet metal artisans at Heather & Little have successfully restored significant steeples, dome roofs and metal cupolas for historical landmarks throughout North America. Our work can be found on a variety of significant properties such as churches and cathedrals, government buildings, court houses, and more.

Since a dome roof, metal cupola or church steeple is an important focal point of a historic building, it is essential that you select the right professionals to repair, replace or restore it with care and attention to detail. At Heather & Little, we’ll work closely with architects and contractors to produce an exceptional and historically accurate end result. We understand the challenges associated with the restoration of these unique roofing structures and can guide you throughout the process.

For more information about our metal roof dome, steeple and cupola restoration and replacement services, please reach out to a member of the Heather & Little team today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about your project.


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N1Memorial Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

To reflect the image of the building that was created in the 1870s, we used the original full scale blueprints produced shortly after the Civil War. The intricate copper work had to match the designs and colours of the slate roofing details and patterns.


N2New Brunswick Legislative Building

Over a four-year construction period, we fabricated and installed new copper roofing, new copper dormers, cresting, cupola, as well as the entire copper tower,ornate 41-meter diameter copper clad dome.


N3St. Raphael Cathedral Church, Madison, Wisconsin

A number of different materials and techniques were used to ensure a historically accurate design for the restoration of the 150 year old wood frame steeple. Reconstruction involved new structural steel framing, stainless steel cladding and decorative finials, and copper sheet metal ornaments.