Copper Roofing-Mackenzie Tower West Block Restoration Project

Heather & Little are honoured to be involved in the ongoing restoration projects on Parliament Hill. The Mackenzie Tower is part of the West Block restoration which is scheduled to be complete in late 2017. This large-scale project involves hundreds of craftsmen from all trades, and aims to restore both the exterior and interior features of the West Block and its adjacent Visitor Welcome Centre so it is safe for tourists and staff while retaining its beautiful architecture and historical significance for future Canadians to enjoy.

Copper Roofing The Mackenzie Tower Ottawa

As part of this large undertaking, our team of professionals partnered with PCL Constructors of Ottawa to complete a total re-roofing of the Mackenzie Tower. All parts of the tower area were restored above the existing masonry structure, which involved extensive sheet metal work, metal roofing, kalamein window fabrication and even custom carpentry.

This project involved the total removal and replacement of old copper batten roofing, restoration of the copper clad windows, tower finials, and copper cresting. We also clad many of the exposed masonry elements in sheet lead to protect them from further deterioration. Our artisans made use of the highest quality materials for this significant project, including eight-pound sheet lead, sheet copper and more.

Browse our collection of images below, or reach out to the Heather & Little team to find out more about this sheet metal copper roofing project.

Heather and Little has worked on every restoration project on Parliament Hill including the Peace Tower, National Library and Centre Block. View the copper roof restoration images for the Mackenzie Tower below.



old copper roofing mackenzie tower
copper metal roofed mackenzie tower parliament
copper roofing in progress mackenzie tower
copper dormer mackenzie tower
copper finials being installed mackenzie tower