Chateau Laurier, Ottawa – Copper Roofing

The Chateau Laurier in Ottawa is a historic hotel located in the downtown core of Canada’s capital designed in the French Gothic Châteauesque style. Meant to be a reflection of the other traditionally designed parliamentary buildings in the area, the project was commissioned by the Grand Trunk Railway for $2 million dollars between 1909 and 1912. Though the railway president who commissioned the building perished returning to Canada on the ill-fated Titanic voyage never to view the final design, the hotel quickly became one of the most important lodgings in Ottawa.

When the Chateau Laurier required a roof restoration, Heather & Little worked along with the Fairmont Property Managers, and Cooke Engineering of Ottawa to replace the copper roofing system.

Chateau Laurier Roof Restoration

When Heather & Little began to work on this restoration and copper roof replacement project, other than on-going repairs it had been over 30 years since the roof had been worked on during the 1970’s. Over the course of the next six years the balance of the roof was replaced, along with long overdue exterior masonry repairs. The roofing was replaced with 16-ounce standing seam copper roofing with 20-ounce copper valleys and copper water tables, an air vapour barrier system was introduced, along with snow restraint systems, copper air intake louvers, and decorative copper elements were also reproduced.

The final copper roof was a significant improvement over the former roof, and added that level of intrigue and interest to the historical property that had once been lost. For more information about this project, view through the gallery of images, or contact a member of our team.


chateau laurier
standing seam copper roofing in progress on chateau laurier
copper roof work in progress chateau laurier
copper dormers being installed chateau laurier
copper dormer finials chateau laurier
copper turret complete chateau laurier