Centre Block – Copper Roof Restoration

The Canadian Parliament Buildings are one of the most recognizable structures in the country, with its pictures on everything from history textbooks to money. Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as the country’s capital in 1857, and after confederation in 1867, Canada’s parliament buildings became a reality.

When the Centre Block required copper roofing restoration, Heather & Little was proud to take on this historic Canadian project. Both parts of this project required extensive restoration. The Centre Block’s sheet copper roofing was fully replaced and reinstalled with new copper. We partnered with Thomas Fuller Construction of Ottawa and Colonial Building Restoration to ensure this project went as smoothly as possible.

Sheet Metal Roofing and Copper Roofing

When Heather & Little took on this task, it was vitally important that every element of the project was completed perfectly.

In Centre Block, there was a complete removal of the old copper roofing system. A new building envelope was installed consisting of an air barrier membrane, insulation and a batten seam copper roofing system, sheet lead roofing. The new sheet metal roofing system was fully installed, and will now be seen on the Parliament Building’s roof for years to come. To learn more about other projects for the Parliament Building’s restoration view the Peace Tower, McKenzie Tower and National Library projects.

View the Centre Block copper roof restoration images below.


centre block
copper roofing center block parliament
copper roof restoration overhead view work in progress centre block parliament
Copper cresting, dormers, and batten seam roofing