Scadding Cabin – Cedar Shingles

The Scadding Cabin is the oldest house in Toronto, built over 220 years ago in 1794 by John Scadding. Scadding was the secretary to Lieutenant-Governor John Simcoe, and received the property on which be built the cabin in as a grant. This cabin was originally built on a plot of land that stretched from Lakeshore East to Danforth Avenue and east of Broadview. The cabin was relocated to the Canadian National Exhibition grounds in 1879 after the property was sold to the City, and it was thought to be an important artifact of pioneer life.

Though the building remains mostly the same as it would have appeared two centuries ago, the roofing on the property has been repeatedly restored to ensure the building’s safety and protect this important pieces of Toronto’s past. Heather & Little partnered with Colonial Restoration Toronto to provide a new cedar shingle roof to protect this historically significant building.

Cedar Shingle Roofing

When Heather & Little took on this cedar roof project, our team ensured that the techniques and roof design were historically accurate to the time period in which the Scadding Cabin was first built. Modern building technology such as breathable and waterproof underlayment was used in conjunction with the centuries old technique of using cedar shingles to provide a superior, yet historically accurate roof. To ensure that the design of the shingles was completely accurate, we used #1 Blue Label Western Cedar Shingles for the roof. The existing roof was entirely replaced and refinished, and masonry repairs were done on the single chimney by Colonial Building Restoration of Toronto.

For more information on this project, browse the following images, or reach out to a member of the Heather & Little team today.


cedar roof before restoration scadding cabin
scadding cabin after