Sheet Lead Roofing & Cladding Restoration

For centuries, sheet lead has been used as a roofing material in Europe. Traditionally, lead roofing projects were performed by plumbers. Today, specialized contractors use sheet lead to protect and waterproof exposed masonry ledges, buttresses and copings to stop the erosion of the stone underneath from natural elements.

There are very few companies across North America who are qualified to carry out professional sheet lead roofing and lead cladding services. Luckily, Heather & Little are among this group of contractors! Our skilled sheet metal workers are well-trained and highly experienced in the use of this unique and exclusive material.

Our Sheet Lead Cladding & Roofing Projects

Since 1925, the Heather & Little team has used our extensive expertise to help preserve and restore significant buildings, many using sheet lead roofing and cladding methods. The excellent malleability of lead allows us to form this material over nearly any detail or masonry work to protect the features underneath. This allows for the excellent preservation of historic properties, ensuring its beautiful decorative elements are visible and well-protected for the future.

If you are searching for a qualified sheet metal contractor who specializes in sheet lead cladding and roofing, look no further! Heather & Little can work alongside contractors, architects and preservation specialists to help restore and protect your significant building, statuary or other historic assets.

To learn more about our sheet lead roofing and lead cladding restoration services, please reach out to Heather & Little today. Browse our completed projects below for a look at our outstanding lead roofing work.


restoration sheet lead volunteer monument
lead flashing
lead work parliament building
Example of lead shingles on a cupola
lead work peace tower
sheet lead queens park
leadwork ontario legislature
lead-dome-historic bank of toronto young street toronto ontatrio
sheet lead historic bank of toronto on yonge st toronto ontario


N1A.A. Heaps Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The entire terracotta stone dome, base and volutes were covered with new sheet lead. As well, sheet lead cladding was placed over ornaments and all details, ensuring that the entire structure would remain durable regardless of temperature changes and other environmental factors.


N2Toronto Old City Hall, Ontario

The five-year project involved working onsite and hand forming of lead sheets, bossing, welding lead sheet, and lead weathering. Additionally, all coping stones, stone band courses, window sills, and chimneys were capped in lead sheet metal. For perfect execution, 6- and 8-pound sheet lead was used, along with lead coated copper and stainless steel clips.


N3Thomas Jefferson's Homestead, Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia

Like other restoration projects, it was essential to keep the original design elements of the property. We produced and installed rain water drainage components on the house, made of sheet lead using 8-pound lead sheets which are completely durable and able to withstand years of use without deteriorating.