Six Advantages of Zinc Roof Systems

When replacing or repairing a roof, there is no shortage of materials and design options available. When restoring roofing for period buildings or commercial properties, metal roofing is a popular choice. Materials such as copper, various types of steel, and aluminum are commonly used as roofing materials. One material to take into consideration that may not immediately come to mind is zinc. A zinc roof offers several advantages which we’ve detailed below.

The Advantages of a Zinc Roof

  1. Corrosion Resistant: Resistance to rust and moisture are essential features of a quality roof. A common concern of historic roofing materials is corrosion, due to the old roofing materials not being protected properly. Replacing your historic roof with a zinc roof is very effective in moist or rainy climates.
  2. Self-Repairing: Zinc roofs have a unique property where in time, scratches and mild environmental damages are healed automatically. This combined with zinc’s natural corrosion resistance makes for a roof that is very suitable for rugged environments (wind, rain, etc.) without needing much repair.
  3. Visually Pleasing: Other types of roofing materials are durable as well, but few as visually pleasing as a zinc roof. An unmodified zinc roof has a calm and dignified dark grey metallic appearance. The style of zinc roofing is understated and classic, making it suitable for a wide range of building styles and types.
  4. Can Be Used In Unique Designs: Zinc is a highly malleable material. This means it can be shaped into curves and other unique shapes or designs without losing its durability. This makes it ideal for buildings with unique roofing elements such as uncommon window shapes and chimneys.
  5. Affordable Transportation and Easier Installation: Zinc roofing materials are lightweight, making transportation far more affordable. Also their lightweight properties combined with zinc’s durability make it an easy to install material.
  6. Zinc is a Green Material: Zinc has several traits that make it a very environmentally friendly material. First, the production of zinc requires less energy as its melting point is lower compared to other metals at 785 degrees Fahrenheit. Second, zinc roofing is entirely recyclable, which cuts down on waste products when it comes time for replacement. Lastly, a zinc roof is very long lasting and in many environments, will last up to one hundred years. This is far longer than other materials, which reduces the need for replacement and repair.

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