4 Architectural Elements Made with Ornamental Sheet Metal

Ornamental sheet metal has been used for years to create elegant intricate patterns and accents in construction. Architectural copper and other materials offer a wide range of durable products that come in many colors and finishes. Today, improved metal working machinery and capabilities allow for even more custom designs and brilliant applications. Here are some of the most common ways that ornamental sheet metal is used:


Metal roofing provides a number of functional advantages over traditional asphalt shingles or clay tiles, but it also provides a unique texture and curb appeal. Many buildings use copper or other ornamental sheet metal types to stand out. In some cases, this means converting the whole roof to metal alloys, but it can also include the addition of roof cresting, steeples, domes and spires.

Gutters and Downspouts

Another interesting use of ornamental sheet metal is for gutters and downspouts that stand out from the rest of the house. These can be formed create interesting decorations down the sides of a building, or to create fountain-like protrusions that keep water away from the building’s foundation. Gargoyles, angels and animals are common themes in this category. Gutters can come in many different shapes, and stand out against the siding or brickwork of a house.

Walls and Doors

One of the most beautiful uses of ornamental sheet metal is for wall cladding and doors. Rippling, dimples and intricate design work can all be made out of sheet metal that covers the outer surface of doors and walls. It provides a unique attention grabbing appearance that can’t be created by just painting the wall. In some cases the inside of domes and steeples has also been clad with copper or other metal materials to provide a decorative appearance that reflects sunlight around the room.

Functional Features

For both indoor and outdoor purposes, ornamental sheet metal is often used to design balustrades, railings and interior wall joints. This provides a beautiful way to implement nickel, stainless steel, and other metals into your interior design while also serving safety needs. Any stairway or open walkway can benefit from custom metal work that adds distinction while offering sturdy support.

Some of the oldest chapels still standing have effectively used ornamental copper to create an iconic appearance. Even today, high rises in the most affluent cities use steel and aluminum to for a sleek, modern look. From the interior structural components to the external final touches, sheet metal is a prominent part of construction of any type.

For more information about adding ornamental sheet metal work to your new exterior or interior design, contact Heather & Little today for a consultation. Our skilled design team will help you choose the colors, textures and themes that fit seamlessly into any building.

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